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Frequently Asked Questions

As a GOT TO MEDIA Client, you have access to the Client Portal, where you can find every thing you need to know about you account. 

Can I accesses my invoices and payment history?

Yes, review your account history and payment methods, pay invoices, and more.

Can I see all the communication and appointments in my Client Portal?

Access all of your messages from your client portal, including support tickets, email history, appointments, project updates, and more.

Can I send you documents through my portal?

Yes, upload and download files related to your projects in your portal is super easy. You can also view detailed information about all projects including tasks and deadlines.

Interested in stetting up automatic billing? Its easy, here are steps to set it up!

Step 1.

Open your invoice and click  the “pay now” button.

Step 2

Step 2.  Then click the “pay with card” button.

Step 3.

Lastly you will put in your payment information and click the “turn on autopay” button. 

My files

See your files, forms and tasks

You can access your Got To Media Client Portal account information, including your contact and payment information, as well as your project history and contracts. In the Portal, you can view and sign new projects for proposal and track the progress. Additionally, you can use the Portal to connect with other users and collaborate on projects.

Make payment see invoice

View and pay invoices

View, pay and print all your invoices on each project in one place!

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